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Getting A Mortgage? Let RE/MAX Help

One of the most important steps to buying a home is securing the right mortgage. As you start the process of checking interest rates and researching loan programs, let our RE/MAX team help.

Here are our Top 5 Re/Max Mortgage Tips:

Know your Budget

Having a well-defined budget means understanding how much your expenditures are as compared to your income. What are your expenses?

  • Groceries
  • Credit Card
  • Day Care
  • Car Payments

Home ownership could offer great benefits. Depending on the size of home you buy, first-time home buyers may find that the tax deductions associated with home ownership cause monthly payments to be less than what you are currently paying for rent.

Know Your Down Payment

There are 100% loans that do not require a down payment, however most loans require soms sort of money down.  A quick conversation with your loan officer will identify your needs and options.

Know Your Number

Do you know your FICA credit score? If you’ve recently applied for a loan of any kind, you can ask for a copy from the financier.  The higher your score, the better you’ll look. A strong credit score could enable you to get a better rate on your mortgage.

Carefully check for mistakes on your credit report and then get those mistakes corrected. Working to keep your credit score high can have real benefits in the mortgage process.

Find Your Paperwork

Any mortgage lender will ask for your paperwork to confirm your recent employment history and your income. Paperwork you may be asked to submit may include:

  • Pay stubs
  • W2’s
  • Federal Income Tax Returns (2 years)
  • Profit and loss statements (for the self-employed)
  • Gift letters
  • Divorce Decree (when pertinent)
  • Proof of child’s age (when child support is involved)
  • Rental checks
  • Bank statements

Get Pre-Approved

Before you set out to start looking at homes in the Tulsa and surrounding area, you need to get pre-approved for your mortgage. Knowing your loan capacity will help you and your RE/MAX agent focus on the homes that best suit your needs. Finding a home that fits within your budget may be easier than you think.

Talk With A RE/MAX Agent

Now that you’ve checked your credit score, collected your paperwork, and walked through the pre-approval process, it’s time to start talking with a local RE/MAX agent.  Our team of seasoned professionals is uniquely trained and prepared to guide you through your search for a home and serve your particular needs.

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