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Is Your Home Fit To Sell?

Staging or merchandising your home means turning your family home into a model home. This very likely means looking at every aspect of your home in a new light.  Highlighting your home’s strengths and minimizing or downplaying its weaknesses will enable your home to appeal to the largest potential pool of buyers.

De-personalize Your Home

As emotional as some people are about their homes, this can be a healthy step towards closure as you and your family prepare for a new adventure. Here are a couple of ideas to help you start the process of de-personalizing your home:

  • Remove family photos
  • Remove items of sentimental value
  • Remove collectibles
  • Remove yard toys
  • Remove DVDs, CD’s, and video games
  • Remove framed diplomas, degrees, and awards

De-Clutter Your Home

The most important part of preparing your house for sale in the staging process is to rid your home of all clutter. This will mean everything from small unnecessary items to furniture. You may consider targeting: Toys, video games, magazines, crafts, bath toys, and extra clothing.

 Cleaning & Repairs

Once you have de-personalized and de-cluttered, it is time to take care of any repairs that are needed and to do a deep cleaning.  Here’s a quick list of common maintenance and repairs that won’t cost you much time or money:

  • Refresh all light bulbs
  • WD40 or lube any squeaky hinges
  • Repair latches
  • Add door stops
  • Replace missing handles and knobs
  • Patch holes and paint walls
  • Remove countertop scuffs
  • Change your air filters
  • Stain the deck
  • Replace any broken switches
  • Check for and replace cracked windows

Once the repairs are done, go through your home and do a deep cleaning. This means everything from baseboards to bathtubs, from kids’ rooms to kitchen cabinets. All the nooks and crannies that have not seen a dust mop should get a little attention. You may also have someone wax your hardwood floors or have your carpets stretched, spot-treated, and cleaned.

A clean home is a welcoming home.  The extra effort will be worth your time and attention when potential buyers walk through your front door.

See Our “Fit To Sell” Checklist

For more information about how you can increase the appeal of your home in preparation to go on the market, check out our RE/MAX Fit To Sell Checklist or see what home buyers are looking for by reading our RE/MAX Buyer’s Guide. If you’d like a RE/MAX agent to stop by to give some in-person advice on how to make sure your home is fit to sell, give us a call anytime.

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